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Haunted places or prone to having paranormal activity (II)

In this second part we will continue talking about the kind of places where many people throughout the world claim to be witnesses of the presence of paranormal phenomena or the sighting of ghostly apparitions. Let’s see:

Funeral homes. These sites are places where corpses are prepared properly to give them the best possible appearance and place them inside a coffin, in order to start their funeral. The physical contact with the dead is constant by the technicians who are responsible for these delicate tasks. In addition, many wakes occur in chapels or rooms equipped for that purpose, as part of the funeral services of these companies. The emotional involvement in the assistants is very strong, even if only temporary. There are many people who work or have worked in a funeral home who have witnessed strange events around the preparation of a corpse. Continue reading

Haunted places or prone to having paranormal activity

According to experts in the field, ghosts can wander in all places and corners of our planet. However, there are sites with greater proclivity to have paranormal activity. Below we present a brief list of the type of sites where ghostly sightings are usually reported:

Schools and universities. It’s common to see ghostly apparitions or at least tell legends about this type of site, since generations of students who spent a part of their lives inside these buildings have lived through positive or negative experiences, but that in no way can be considered as an irrelevant place for a person’s life. If the school is old, the greater the probability of housing ghosts or spirits. Continue reading

Is it possible to contact the dead?

Since time immemorial human beings have persecuted contact with the dead, with loved ones who lost their lives. The need to obtain answers that grant hope of a life beyond the ephemeral earthly existence or, at least the notions of something similar, is one of the most powerful reasons why many have considered the goal of contacting the Hereafter.

Some of the methods used to make contact with the world of the dead have been ouija boards or the assistance of mediums, people who possess talents and very special sensitivity to detect, visualize and make direct contact with disembodied beings that roam the world. All this can be considered as something esoteric or with a strong charge of mysticism. But what is certain is that there is a way to contact the dead discovered in an accidental way: the psychophonies. Continue reading

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