In this second part we will continue talking about the kind of places where many people throughout the world claim to be witnesses of the presence of paranormal phenomena or the sighting of ghostly apparitions. Let’s see:

Funeral homes. These sites are places where corpses are prepared properly to give them the best possible appearance and place them inside a coffin, in order to start their funeral. The physical contact with the dead is constant by the technicians who are responsible for these delicate tasks. In addition, many wakes occur in chapels or rooms equipped for that purpose, as part of the funeral services of these companies. The emotional involvement in the assistants is very strong, even if only temporary. There are many people who work or have worked in a funeral home who have witnessed strange events around the preparation of a corpse.

Hospitals. Undoubtedly these sites are witnesses of the death of many people every day, whether they’re patients who failed to resist a medical emergency, patients victims of the complication of surgery or those who suffered the agony of the final part of their lives in the intensive care unite. Hospitals are the prelude to death for many people. The detachment of the souls from their physical bodies in sad and regrettable circumstances, especially for those who were not yet ready for their departure or they didn’t expect it so soon, it’s a factor that can unleash the confusion of a spirit and make it wander near the place where the body that belonged to the souls expired. Clinics and hospitals are the places where most supernatural events have been reported

Houses and old buildings. Mostly the buildings that have a dark history or that harbor a past tragedy inside, such as murders or fatal accidents, are the most likely to have paranormal activity or ghosts inside. However, in many old houses where ghosts, strange noises and similar things have been reported are those to which their former owners or inhabitants had great affection, in such a way that they developed an emotional attachment to the property and once they lost their lives, they couldn’t leave the place and get trapped inside. There’s also often the presence of spirits with some affective or family bond with the current tenants. Even psychics say that the spirits of dead relatives sometimes remain in their old homes to protect their other living relatives, especially when hostile or negative presences are leaked.

By contrast, there’re other lonely or not so crowded places that can also have paranormal activity, such as roads and forests. There have been lamentable accidents that truncated human lives on the roads and it seems the unexpected event caused the souls to be trapped in the area that was their final destination. The sightings of people asking for a ride, where in the end they turned out to be nobody, is a common type of legend about it.

Also forests are places that can become intimidating due to their solitude, especially at nightfall. The apparent tranquility of a site like this can be contrasted with tragic and terrible events that occurred in antiquity, which inherited the paranormal activity like many European forests.

With this we conclude our description of the places most likely to have ghostly presences, but not before remembering that any place in the world can host this type of phenomenon, including your master bathroom or the living room of your home.