According to experts in the field, ghosts can wander in all places and corners of our planet. However, there are sites with greater proclivity to have paranormal activity. Below we present a brief list of the type of sites where ghostly sightings are usually reported:

Schools and universities. It’s common to see ghostly apparitions or at least tell legends about this type of site, since generations of students who spent a part of their lives inside these buildings have lived through positive or negative experiences, but that in no way can be considered as an irrelevant place for a person’s life. If the school is old, the greater the probability of housing ghosts or spirits.

Theaters, cinemas and malls. These are also busy places where many people have been visiting in search of entertainment. On the Internet you can find videos where they claim to demonstrate the presence of paranormal activity inside these places, many of them old and with high historical value.

Cemeteries. It’s the place par excellence that comes to mind when we think of the themes of ghostly apparitions. And it is not for less, in these places rest the lifeless bodies of those beings that when dying were detached from their souls. As a sign of respect, the pantheons are visited in an act of absolute seriousness to pay tribute to the deceased and their memory. The spirits that are still trapped in our dimension are usually spotted in this kind of places. There are very famous cemeteries around the world, which either because of their history or the peculiarity of their architectural style, are full of legends about the people buried in them, many of them loaded with folkloric elements that have been attributed to them throughout the years, but that undeniably invite us to associate the cemeteries with the tenebrous.

Hotels. In these buildings have happened a lot of things, where unfortunately not a few of them have been tragic. Accidents, homicides and suicides have occurred inside hotels and hostels. There are several of these businesses that have capitalized on the paranormal events that occur within them to attract all those brave clients who want to venture to witness this kind of phenomenon in their own flesh.

Churches. As they are mostly very old buildings, where several of them date back more than 1000 years as certain European temples, the history of both the characters who once walked through these sites and the relevant events that occurred inside, make them perfect places for the apparitions of ghosts. There are even temples where famous crimes were committed. Some also house crypts with ashes of deceased people. If we add to this the religious component by which they were built, we have as a result a type of place that can be abundant in paranormal activity.

In the next article we’ll talk about other types of places where the presence of paranormal phenomena is reported, including sites that contrast with those that generally have a considerable influx of people.