“After Death” is a collection of twenty stories of horror involving paranormal phenomena and ghostly apparitions that become the torment of the protagonists of these stories. With this book is born the project After Death Books, founded by the same author of the book. The stories that are narrated in this collection are inspired by different towns and places in the Mexican state of Jalisco, including the capital Guadalajara.

It’s a new entertainment proposal in the horror genre of, where the fear of the unknown by the unexpected presence of spirits and the anguish generated by supernatural situations are the essential elements that give life to these terrifying stories.

The narrative style used in “After death” throughout its little more than 170 pages, allows the reader to put themselves in the shoes of the protagonists to feel the intensity of their fear of the unknown and the deep terror that triggers to see a ghostly apparition or a paranormal phenomenon, usually in places where a tragedy that unexpectedly truncated lives occurred.

The spooky stories that have been prepared for this first collection are the following:

The Hereafter raildoads. History where a young man travels at night and inadvertently faces something strange after the passage of the railway on a cruise, where they come to him desperately begging for help to attend an accident that isn’t of this time.

The pool. Three children infiltrate their school on a Sunday to swim in the pool without knowing that a tragic experience awaits them that will mark their childhoods. Years later and with the apparently forgotten incident, a ghost demands answers breaking sanities with the torment of its insistence.

The Lady of the Lake. A young man with existential problems realizes his own spiritual retreat going into a forest once crowded and now abandoned that encloses the mysterious disappearances of people and the sorrow of their trapped souls.

Eternal friendship. Three friends who celebrated the result of a football match live the worst experience of their lives where an undesirable and unexpected destiny awaits them.

The girl in the mirror. A father who loves shopping in an auction acquires an antique mirror that he installs in his house, where his daughter will soon receive the visit of spirits who lived trapped in the mysterious piece of furniture releasing paranormal events.

Mi first day at the end of the world. A young man will face the most absolute solitude when leaving the cinema and find himself immersed in the middle of a bleak panorama where the absence of life will compromise his sanity while experiencing the harassment of ghosts.

Nosha. The child of a high school teacher receives a visit from a spirit of bad intentions that has been proposed to torment the young mother, anguished by her feelings of fear, helplessness and vulnerability.

After Death. The story that gives name to the collection. A depressive subject was abandoned by his wife and he decides to fill his gaps with alcohol. One morning in an oversight loses her only daughter and decides to do the impossible to return her from death until he succeeds, albeit with completely different results and full of disturbing malicious behavior, products of a spell that takes advantage of the mental and emotional fragility of people to open the doors to evil.

Don’t bother the dead. A couple of sweethearts who drank beer in the street, tired of being bothered by the police, decide to go to drink in a cemetery, but the spirits of the dead will be furious for having profaned their eternal rest.

The 3rd floor. An old hotel that had been closed in the past after the mysterious deaths of several people, opens the doors again to the public thanks to a group of investors. Everything seems to be going well, but soon a series of paranormal events will be the nightmare of guests and workers.

Back from limbo. A man abandoned his wife and children for involvement in a satanic sect. Due to what seems to be the product of a satanic ritual, the family will live a terrifying and supernatural funeral.

The Sofia’s friend. A doctor who lost his wife decides to rebuild his life in a small town where he moves with his young son. A mysterious teenager introduces herself and soon befriends them to become the nanny, until one day she disappears with the child unleashing a terrible anguish and despair in the father after discovering the truth.

I miss you, teacher. A young and novice teacher intercedes for a disabled student so that she can go on a school trip that will become the trigger of tragedies that will mark the rest of her life. A ghost pursues implacably the teacher who struggles to remain unshakeable.

Juanito. A young man is left in the care of his brother who suffers from his mental faculties. In an oversight the brother loses his life. Overwhelmed by guilt, the young receives a visit from his brother’s ghost who torments him.

It happened in Mazamitla. A group of high school students makes a non-academic trip to Mazamitla. A classmate of them has the ability to see dead people and interact with spirits, something that bothers and annoys others but thanks to their gift she unearth the mystery of a murder committed years ago.

Remorse. A man abandoned his family and overcome by remorse, he returns home seeking forgiveness from his family, but they ignore him and are indifferent to his presence for an unexpected reason.

Regina. Story that tells the supernatural experiences suffered by some night transporters to be stalked by a ghostly appearance at a specific point of the road, where they suffer accidents and causes them the terrible fear of traveling that road at night.

The night of the cornfield. Two cousins camp one night in a cornfield at mid-harvest, fleeing from scolding and attention calls they received at their grandparents’ house for drinking and staying awake too late, but they are harassed by dark entities that will turn their night into a real tragic nightmare.

Ruth’s doubts. A group of cousins travels to Chapala to spend a weekend but a stormy night looking for board games find an Ouija board with which they perform spiritualist seances that will unleash a family nightmare.

Mom’s last will. A terrible illness ends with the life of a mother but her soul cannot rest in peace because one of her sons blames her brothers for her death and refuses to forgive them.