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Month: November 2018

Is it possible to contact the dead?

Since time immemorial human beings have persecuted contact with the dead, with loved ones who lost their lives. The need to obtain answers that grant hope of a life beyond the ephemeral earthly existence or, at least the notions of something similar, is one of the most powerful reasons why many have considered the goal of contacting the Hereafter.

Some of the methods used to make contact with the world of the dead have been ouija boards or the assistance of mediums, people who possess talents and very special sensitivity to detect, visualize and make direct contact with disembodied beings that roam the world. All this can be considered as something esoteric or with a strong charge of mysticism. But what is certain is that there is a way to contact the dead discovered in an accidental way: the psychophonies. Continue reading

What is “After Death”?

“After Death” is a collection of twenty stories of horror involving paranormal phenomena and ghostly apparitions that become the torment of the protagonists of these stories. With this book is born the project After Death Books, founded by the same author of the book. The stories that are narrated in this collection are inspired by different towns and places in the Mexican state of Jalisco, including the capital Guadalajara.

It’s a new entertainment proposal in the horror genre of, where the fear of the unknown by the unexpected presence of spirits and the anguish generated by supernatural situations are the essential elements that give life to these terrifying stories.

The narrative style used in “After death” throughout its little more than 170 pages, allows the reader to put themselves in the shoes of the protagonists to feel the intensity of their fear of the unknown and the deep terror that triggers to see a ghostly apparition or a paranormal phenomenon, usually in places where a tragedy that unexpectedly truncated lives occurred.

The spooky stories that have been prepared for this first collection are the following: Continue reading

Welcome to After Death Books – Official Website

Welcome to the official page of After Death Books. This website will be the official channel in which news, offers and communications regarding the book “After Death” will be released. This book is our cover letter where the author Damián García Gómez ventures into the world of horror fiction, addressing themes based mainly on situations of ghostly apparitions and paranormal phenomena.

Under the brand After Death Books, we want to win the hearts of more and more readers to motivate us to grow and develop new products.Therefore, in addition to making publications concerning the book, we’ll offer over time and periodically a specialized blog where we’ll talk about things related to phantasmagorical and paranormal terror. Continue reading

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